John Oliver is perfectly trolling Mike Pence with a children's book about a gay rabbit

John Oliver is perfectly trolling Mike Pence with a children's book about a gay rabbit

Believe it or not but the family of the Vice President Mike Pence has released a book about their pet rabbit.

The children's story is called Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President and has been written by Pence's daughter Charlotte and illustrated by his wife Karen.

Signed copies of the book are available through the Marlon Bundo's website, yes, that's the rabbit's name, for the price of $30.


This is the official synopsis of the book from Amazon.

From the moment he hopped into the home of America's "Second Family," black-and-white bunny rabbit Marlon Bundo captured the hearts of Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and his children Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey.

But little Marlon Bundo isn't just a family pet: like Peter Rabbit and Bugs Bunny before him, Marlon—or BOTUS (Bunny of the United States)—is a national celebrity!

With his appearances at official White House events, his rides on Air Force 2, and his popular Instagram account, Marlon Bundo has become a beloved member of the Trump-Pence administration. 

So how does a bunny experience a day in the life of the Vice President? Now young readers can follow Marlon Bundo along as he hops after "Grampa" (Vice President Mike Pence) in this delightful story penned by Charlotte Pence and illustrated faithfully with watercolors from the "Second Lady" herself, Karen Pence.

There is even a book tour planned for the release this month.

Now we hardly need to go into too much detail about Pence's controversial political and social views but it has led him to be frequently criticised by women and the gay community.

With this in mind comedian and television host, John Oliver thought it was a little rich that Pence's family would be releasing an innocent-sounding children's book told from the perspective of a rabbit.

So, in an amazing bit of trolling, Oliver along with Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss and illustrator E.G. Keller have released their own book about a rabbit called Marlon Bundo.

The difference here is that their rabbit is a gay rabbit, which is a more than obvious dig at Pence's stance on LGBT rights.

Speaking on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight Oliver explained what their story will cover.

Now, there are a few small differences between the two books. You’ll notice right away that our rabbit has a bow tie, so there’s that.

Also, our story is about Marlon Bundo falling in love with another boy rabbit, because our Marlon Bundo is gay—just like the real Marlon Bundo.

A website, brilliantly named Better Bundo Book has been launched and to make matters even better 100 per cent of the sales will go straight to the LGBT charities The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

The book is currently available on Amazon where, at the time of writing, it is the number one best seller in political fiction but it is also available on Audible featuring the voices of John Lithgow, RuPaul and Jeff Garlin amongst others.

You will also be sent a copy of the book if you make a donation of $11.99 to either The Trevor Project or AIDS United.

Needless to say, this is a fantastic way to poke fun at the Vice President and also raise money for charity.

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