This is a brilliant message of defiance after the London terror attack

Bridie Pearson-Jones
Sunday 04 June 2017 11:15
Picture:(Twitter / @robholley )

Warning: Tweets in this article contains some swear words.

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, in South London, is situated just two miles from Borough Market, the site of a major terrorist attack on Saturday.

A stabbing in Vauxhall last night, which was initially thought to be related to the terrorist attack on London Bridge which killed seven,

In a statement outside Downing Street on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the attacks, referring to them as connected by 'the evil ideology of Islamist extremism'.

The nationalities of the three dead attackers were not mentioned her statement.

Rob Holley tweeted a picture of punters and performers in the south London gay bar while it was on lockdown, saying:

Still shut in Vauxhall Tavern.

Air con unit still dripping.

Madonna's Like A Prayer still playing.

We are safe.

We have gin. 

Rob Holley is co-chair of the society that is trying to protect the future of the tavern, which has existed as a safe-space for LGBTQ people in London since before homosexuality was legal.

It appears the bar was placed on lockdown for safety reasons last night.

People have responded to Rob saying how much they love the act of defiance.

Everyone in the Tavern was safe.

One of the performers at the club, shared their thoughts on Twitter saying they found out about the attack five minutes before they went on stage but decided that the show must go on.

The Metropolitan Police later confirmed that there events in Vauxhall and London Bridge were unrelated.

indy100 has reached out to Rob for comment.

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