All Lives Matter and White Lives Matter protesters seen fighting over 'who is more racist' in bizarre clip
Screengrab / Twitter

In a bizarre clip, a fight appears to have broken out between rival protesters in London over “who is more racist”.

The clip, captured by Telegraph journalist Ed Clowes on 13 June, shows two men arguing about the phrases “All Lives Matter” and “White Lives Matter”. Both of these phrases are regularly used by far-right groups with racist links. This weekend’s protests in London saw various far-right groups descend on London to stage “counter-protests” which soon turned into rioting. This was despite the fact that Black Lives Matter protests were called off.

Acording to Clowes, the clip exposes a distinction between "white culture" protesters and others who were there protesting against the removal and vandalism of statues. The man advocating for “All Lives Matter” can be heard branding the “White Lives Matter” man a “f****** racist”. Though it’s worth stating that both phrases are used by racist groups in the UK and America, and any distinction between them is arguable.

Numerous clips have emerged of protesters using racist and xenophobic language. Onlookers described the protests as “white power marches” and numerous far-right groups were in attendance.

Naturally, people thought it was quite funny that these two men were arguing about these slogans.

Some said it looked like they were “fighting over who is more racist”.

Worrying indeed.

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