Louise Mensch went on a Fox News rant about refugees, and had a complete nightmare

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch moved across the pond last year, but she appears to have found her spiritual home on Fox News.

Appearing on The Intelligence Report on Fox Business on Tuesday, Mensch was asked what "openness" means when it comes to taking in Syrian refugees.

According to her, for Europe it's been a "complete disaster, blood, chaos, carnage”:

We in Britain look at the disaster of Angela Merkel saying 'come one, come all' and what that's actually meant, is that there are no real refugees.

The criminal attacks, the massacres that were carried out in Brussels and in Belgium, carried out by young men who have mostly just abandoned their women folk and abandoned their families. Young men of fighting age who’ve literally stormed into Europe and pretty much taken it over.

It may not surprise you to learn that Mensch is wrong - the two men behind the Brussels attacks earlier this month were Belgian nationals, not refugees from warzones.

The same scape-goating of people fleeing war, violence and prosecution in their home countries was seen after the Isis attacks in Paris in November, although all of the known attackers were also EU nationals.

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