A Dutch MP has made an appeal to the UK not to leave the European Union, with a recreation of one of the classic Christmas film Love Actually's most famous scenes.

Kees Verhoeven, a Democrats 66 member in the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, shared a video on his Twitter account urging the UK to either back Theresa May's much maligned Brexit deal, or just stay in the EU and forget about Brexit all together.

In the spoof video, he pretends to arrive at Theresa May's front door, and delivers a message using a series of cue cards.

The first uses the classic line:

Say it's carol singers...

Then, he continues with his message:

With any luck by next year we will have a good deal Brexit. 

Without yelling or arguments... we would still be able to have a full English breakfast with Dutch tomatoes, beans and bacon from Brabant. 

To us you are perfect, well not perfect...

Cue a card full of Daily Mail headlines. Hit the nail on the head there, really.

But we love you!

So make up your minds, stay or accept this deal.

Don't do nothing. 

Merry Christmas.

Ah, if only. We've been very good this year, Santa!

Watch the full video here:

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