Brexit is probably the most unavoidable event that the UK has ever experienced - even bigger than Infinity War and Age of Ultron combined.

It's so big that not only does it consume every moment of our lives, but it has even managed to seep into the world of popular culture - and it's good to know that is just as reviled there too.

In the most recent edition of the printed version of the Avengers from Marvel Comics, (Avengers #11 to be precise) a small, glancing critique was aimed at Brexit and its all-encompassing shambles.

Picture: Marvel Comics

Allow us to fill you in on just what's going on in that panel.

In the latest Avengers storyline (remember this is the comics and not the movies, so no one is lost in space) Black Panther, who is the new leader, has assembled a group of powerful individuals from all over the world.

This iteration of the Avengers act on the interests of the entire planet and not just the United States. These individuals come from China, Japan, Canada, Israel, Palestine, Russia, the UK and, of course, Wakanda.

However, getting everyone on board is easier said than done, so Black Panther holds a super summit, not dissimilar to the G20 only with heroes, not villains, to debate how they can all get along and effectively contribute to each other's nations.

Deciding that this has potential, the UK's representative Captain Britain declares that if Black Panther can put their past differences aside then he doesn't want to be left out, like a certain country will be, come March 29.

So if he's [Black Panther] willing to put the past aside so we can all build a better future together well then Captain Britain sure as bloody hell doesn't want to be left out.

Please, no Brexit jokes.

We're not sure what the Marvel characters did to deserve Brexit in their universe, but it's reassuring that despite all their powers and world-saving heroics, even the British people in this fictional reality could be fooled by the lies written on a side of a bus.

We can't help but wonder who the British prime minister is in Marvel comics? M.A.Y.D.O.K? The Socialist Soldier? Nigel Thorage?

All we can hope is that they are making a better job of it than us and, if Captain Britain's words are anything to go by, he shares the sentiments of a lot of the UK right now. After all, he's been a member of the X-Men (Excalibur at least), the Avengers and his own Captain Britain Corps, so he really enjoys being part of a strong and cohesive union.

The panel - and Captain Britain's comments - have since started to do the rounds online and people love it.


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