Astonishing footage shows crowd tackling MAGA supporter carrying ‘Trump 2024’ flag to the ground

<p>A supporter of Donald Trump waved a huge Trump 2024 flag across a New York ice skating rink</p>

A supporter of Donald Trump waved a huge Trump 2024 flag across a New York ice skating rink

Dion Cini/Twitter

A man who dared to wave a huge Trump 2024 flag on a New York ice skating rink on Sunday was tackled and removed from the ice, as seen in compelling video footage.

Dion Cini is a supporter of former president Donald Trump and self-proclaimed “Guerilla Marketeer” [sic], and took a trip to the Trump-run Wollman Rink in Central Park on what was supposed to be its last day in business.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had intended to close down Trump’s Lasker and Wollman Rinks yesterday - six weeks before the usual closing date - in an attempt to cut business ties with the former Republican president. Yet in a last-minute move, the city overturned the decision.

In a video, Cini is seen extending an extra-long flag pole and taking to the ice, with an enormous Trump 2024 flag waving above his head.

He is soon flanked by several security guards who stop his antics, and in another video, shared by Freedom News TV, they are seen gesturing for Cini - who is wearing his face mask around his chin - to vacate the ice rink.

An employee then grabs Cini by the coat and begins to push him off the ice.

A guard wrestles Cini to the ground as other skaters cheer him on, and a man in a Travis Scott hoodie steals Cini’s Trump flag.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Cini claimed he was in the process of leaving the ice in accordance with the security’s request when the guard ambushed him.

He also allegedly went to a hospital for injuries to his back, neck, jaw and knee.

Cini said: “I brought the Trump 2024 flag to Trump Wollman rink because it was the last day of The Trump organization managing the rink, which they’ve done for the last 30 some years, and wanted to celebrate another Trump accomplishment while also starting a campaign push for 2024.

“As I was being attacked I heard people cheering as I was put into a chokehold, which shocked me because I thought they want unity and not watch their fellow Americans being [attacked] over a flag.”

Some believed Cini got his comeuppance, and wasn’t as cooperative as he said.

One woman said: “No mob was attacking this guy, just the hired ice rink security doing their job by removing a jerk who was ruining everyone’s day. He was asked to leave the ice and he refused. Security removed him just like D. Trump likes it. With force and ‘not being so nice’! Wear a mask!!!”

She added: “And why was it necessary to wave any flag inside an ice rink and without wearing a mask? What was the point? To upset families having a nice day at a rink, I suppose. JERK!”

Someone else commented: “Interesting how the people who scream ‘LAW AND ORDER’ louder than anyone else seem to understand neither law nor order.”

But others felt Cini had been unjustly ejected from the rink.

One Twitter user said: “Wondering as I’m watching this. That’s a mob attacking you. Is the FBI going to use facial analysis to arrest those people that attacked you? Im going with a no on that. They only do that to MAGA supporters.”

Greg Kelly said: “AN AMAZING MOMENT. A man exercises his Constitutional Rights—-he proudly supports Donald Trump running in 2024. Very cool. But he does it in the middle of New York City, and in 2 minutes, all hell breaks loose!!!!”

In the early hours of the morning, Cini took to Twitter and announced: “So now DeBlasio is going to keep Wollman Rink open til April. Good, gives me a lot of time to plan the next flag drop. Trump 2024!”

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