This student just shared the perfect example of how boyfriends can be feminist allies

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Sunday 09 February 2020 15:00

As with all posts relating to male privilege, let's begin with the obvious: Not All Men.

Disclaimer over, here's what's going down. A Twitter user by the name of Madison Parker posted a tweet about her boyfriend which warmed the hearts of her followers.

The idea that a man should get a medal (or the 2020 equivalent to a medal - a fawning tweet) simply for not speaking over his girlfriend shows the sad state of the patriarchal, misogynistic culture we all inhabit.

Yet, it does feel unusual to be in the presence of a man who is able to sit down and be quiet even when he knows (or thinks he knows) the answer to a question in order to let a woman shine. Alas, many male feminist allies speak great words of wisdom, and yet fall prey to the mansplaining we're all way to accustomed to.

People were loving the story.

Lots and lots and lots of responses went down the "you should marry him!" route. It's easy to see why, but a reminder that:

A) Not all relationships necessarily need to marriage as their final destination.
B) A man being not-sexist is not an automatic reason to stay with him.
C) This should be the bare minimum women (or anyone, really) should expect from their significant others.

Still, we hope it will be a lesson to all the men out there so desperate to hear the sound of their own voice that they can't see/don't care who they're silencing in the process.

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