Man calls police on train passenger eating a burrito

Man calls police on train passenger eating a burrito

Here we go again. Someone has called the police over an incident most would call 'mildly irritating' at a push.

A train passenger enjoying his burrito was interrupted when a man appeared to call the police on him in a remarkable video posted to Reddit.

In the video, filmed on a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train in Oakland, California, the man cites 'a sign on the train that says no eating or drinking' and continues:

You don't get it? You must be stupid. 

I've seen people like you on TV. 

Clearly not wanting to give up his food despite the apparent rules, the burrito-eater continued eating.

Equally undeterred - even by the growing tittering from fellow passengers - the furious man walked over to the train's emergency intercom, threatening to call the police:

Yes please, can you get a policeman onboard here? 

We’ve got someone dining here in the first car.

He adds:

He’s dining, eating on the train.

'Dining' arguably makes the offender sound like he was enjoying a three-course meal with an entourage of waiters, rather than munching on a self-contained burrito.

Another passenger then turned to the angry man and said he probably "does not ride BART much".

"I ride BART more than either of you," he replied.

This follows a string of easily flustered white people calling the police, usually on black people.

From 'Permit Patty', who called the cops on a young black girl selling water, to the infamous incident where a white woman called the police on a black family for having a BBQ on a lake, 2018 needs to take a chill pill.

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