This man shared a story of being bullied into circumcision by his wife - but the internet had his back


To adult circumcise, or not to adult circumcise?

This unorthodox question is being debated in a particularly intriguing Reddit thread.

The discussion began when a user shared that his wife regularly voices her disapproval of his uncircumcised penis and wants him to get the surgery. She’s even refused to, you know, perform certain sexual acts on him because she doesn't like how it looks.

The man said that, to make his wife happy, he’s willing to have the surgery, but wanted to test the waters of the internet for outside perspective.

While the responses were immensely varied, all follow a similar sentiment: his wife’s behaviour is wrong.

People highlighted that sex with a circumcised and uncircumcised penis isn't different. More importantly, that it's not OK for her to bring this up after they're married, or disparage him.

People pointed out that this might not be where the disapproval stops, and that his wife may find something else to complain about once he goes through with the surgery.

Reddit users were confused about his wife seemingly only noticing his uncircumcised penis after getting married. In some instances abusive partners start revealing their true colours after marriage, because they perceive their partner as being tied to them.

Also, if a man was pressuring his wife into surgery, people would rightly be shocked, so why should this be different any way around?

H/T: Someecards

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