The sweariest parts of the UK

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If you don’t like filthy language, a new map will show you the parts of the UK to avoid.

The survey, by Soap Supplies, has revealed how often Brits swear in different areas.

Here are the sweariest parts of Britain, from the worst offender to the most virtuous, rated by their number of swear words per hour (SWPH):

  • Wales (12 SWPH)
  • Greater London (12 SWPH)
  • Yorkshire and The Humber (11 SWPH)
  • Northern Ireland (10 SWPH)
  • Scotland (9 SWPH)
  • East (9 SWPH)
  • North West (9 SWPH)
  • North East (8 SWPH)
  • South East (8 SWPH)
  • West Midlands (8 SWPH)
  • East Midlands (7 SWPH)
  • South West (7 SWPH)

The survey also looked at swearing in different industries, and found how sweary people are depending on their profession.

They found that those who work in energy, real estate and IT have the foulest mouths, compared to the relative saints who work in phrama, retail and tourism.

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