Controversial Republican ridiculed for trying to impeach Biden on his first day as president

Controversial Republican ridiculed for trying to impeach Biden on his first day as president

The controversial Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone ahead and filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden after just his first day as president

Greene, who is a follower of the baseless QAnon  conspiracy theory and has spread further conspiracies about school shooting survivors, shared a short video on Thursday explaining that she had filed the impeachment papers against the new president adding ‘we’ll see how this goes."

The lawmaker, who represents Georgia’s 14th District, did not elaborate further on why she was attempting to impeach Biden but did later release a statement accusing him of being involved in a ‘quid pro quo in Ukraine’ and that his son, Hunter Biden, had been allowed to ‘siphon off cash from America’s greatest enemies Russia and China.'

Much of Greene’s complaints about Biden appear to stem back to his time as vice president under Barack Obama and the supposed Ukraine scandal, which was never taken seriously by authorities anyway. On top of this, she also accuses Biden of ‘nepotism’ something which Trump definitely wasn’t guilty of.

Greene’s attempts to impeach Biden are likely to be unsuccessful and gain any cross-party backing in Congress or the Senate but it appears to have been her plan all along. On 17 January she told the House that she would be introducing the Articles of Impeachment against Biden.

Greene eagerness to impeach Biden has so far only achieved one thing and that’s an onslaught of ridicule for her, Many have been quick to point towards her history with believing dangerous conspiracy theories.

There are serious calls for her to resign.

Others took the opportunity to ridicule her and point out just how bizarre her impeachment attempt is.

Even Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s short-lived former White House communications director couldn’t resist a jab.

Three days ago Greene was given a 12-hour ban from Twitter after she told Trump supporters to ‘mobilise’. 

It’s quite possible then that her impeachment stunt is just a way of trying to rebel against Twitter and create more pandemonium.

In the words of Greene, I guess “we’ll just see how this goes.”

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