A Brexiteer attempted to criticise Keir Starmer for watching the Euros in a pub but it spectacularly backfired.

Posting on Twitter, former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney claimed the leader of the Labour Party was a “plastic patriot” for watching England’s quarter-final match against Ukraine without “beer” and suggested he was taking space away from people who would have bought more drinks.

But Daubney was soon left red-faced when people pointed out that Starmer did drink during the match, and that even if he didnt, it really wasn’t important. Others also pointed out that Starmer is a big football fan, so was not just posing for the press.

Here’s a taste of the reaction:

It’s been a bad day for politicians trying to jump on the football bandwagon. Earlier today, Priti Patel was called out for celebrating the match result as she had previously spoken against taking the knee before games as a gesture of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Meanwhile, Daubney didn’t criticise Boris Johnson for posing next to a whopping great duvet of an England flag yesterday, before the match, to show his support for the team. Arguably, this was much likely to be a press stunt but who are we to judge?

Daubney continued his completely incorrect rant against Starmer and suggested the landlord of the pub should have kicked him out.

Oh, Daubney. It’s not too late to delete this, bestie.

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