Boris Johnson has been roasted on social media after posing with a giant St George’s flag.

The Prime Minister was indulging in some man of the people schtick ahead of England’s quarter-final game against Ukraine tonight.

Alongside the photo, he released a video saying he was “very proud” to have “signed the flag” and that it was “supporting all the values that our country represents”.

“Come on England in the match today,” he said.

But not everyone enjoyed his display of patriotism and the comments rolled in on Twitter, criticising Johnson.

Some implied his gesture was hypocritical, given he said those who take the knee before games to show their support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement were indulging in “gesture politics”:

Others complained that Johnson had not shown as much support for Wales and Scotland, while their teams were in the competition:

And others, inevitably, made some memes and jokes in response to the image:

Earlier this week, Johnson enjoyed England’s game against Germany, which they won 2-0. After posting a photo of him perched on the edge of a table to watch the game, he received similar treatment from the Twitter commentariate.

Perhaps he should stay off social media for a while.

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