Tory minister Matt Hancock's interview with Piers Morgan was incredibly painful to watch

Matt Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning, and it goes without saying that the whole thing was a bit of a car crash.

The health secretary was on the breakfast television show when he was asked whether he thought that Sir Kim Darroch should resign as British Ambassador to the US after he described the Trump administration as 'inept' in leaked emails.

In response, Hancock was far from clear. In fact, he was positively confused.

At the beginning of the clip, Piers Morgan says:

Should he stay or should he go? Simple question.

In answer to the question, Hancock really doesn't say anything at all:

Maybe, maybe, maybe Piers, you should listen to my answer... which is the relationship is incredibly important. 

I think that the fact we're going to have, I hope, a prime minister who has a good relationship with the White House and with the president is very valuable and I think that the relationship is much, much, bigger than any one individual person... 

In response, an exasperated-sounding Susanna Reid said:

So he should go?

Piers also echoed the question:

So he should go then, Sir Kim?

Hancock's response? Well, take a look for yourself:

We don't... I also think it's incredibly important, incredibly important, that civil servants...

Great, thanks Matt. You really answered that clearly and concisely, didn't you. In fact, we'd give you a 10/10. Bravo!

Good Morning Britain shared the clip to Twitter, and it goes without saying that people had thoughts. In a tweet, they wrote:

Matt Hancock refuses to say whether Sir Kim Darroch should resign as British Ambassador to the US after describing the Trump administration as 'inept' in leaked emails

Other social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the whole situation. And no, they weren't particularly kind.

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