Matt Hancock says he's the Tory leadership candidate who can 'get s*** done'

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What is it with Tory leadership hopefuls and four letter tirades?

Remember when Boris Johnson infamously said 'f*** business” in response to businesses warning about the impacts of Brexit?

Well, move over BoJo because everyone’s favourite dad in a midlife crisis, Matt Hancock, is the new sweary sheriff in town.

Health Secretary Hancock has said that, out of all his colleagues, he’s the one who can “get s*** done”.

Are your toes curled? Because ours certainly are.

Hancock made this bizarre claim in an interview with HuffPost UK. He said his record as a minister who “can get s*** done” was a key reason for Tory MPs and party members to back his bid to succeed Theresa May.

Though he currently lags behind Johnson, Raab, Hunt and Gove in declared nominations from Tory MPs.

Naturally, people are pretty cringed out at the comments.

Twitter wasn’t impressed at Hancock’s attempt to seem “down with the kids”.

This is far from the first time that Hancock has used profanities in the Tory leadership race.

A few weeks ago he took a shot at Boris Johnson's 'f*** business' line by saying 'I say f*** f*** business.'

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