Matt Hancock sparks ridicule for claiming he's a 'huge grime fan' in resurfaced article

Matt Hancock sparks ridicule for claiming he's a 'huge grime fan' in resurfaced article

Health secretary Matt Hancock certainly does some odd things.

Often these seem to be in an attempt to show that he’s got his finger on the pulse.

Remember his brief foray into the world of parkour and the mirth it sparked?

Well now another supposed cultural interest of Hancock’s is prompting widespread laughter.

A 2017 article that appeared in The Times has been dug up, penned while Hancock was culture minister.

In it, he claims to be a ‘huge grime fan’.


Matt Hancock says he loves grime.


For example, as a fan of grime music, I know our amazing urban music makes a massive contribution to our creative industries,” Hancock wrote at the time.

“The sounds of Skepta and Lady Leshurr are making waves across the world”.

Although the article was for a positive reason – which included celebrating the Met Police dropping their discriminatory form 696 policy – people are not convinced by Hancock’s claim.

In fact, they’re pretty tickled.

Immediate pop culture comparisons came to mind.

And some apt lyrics were trotted out.

People are really, really certain Matt Hancock does not listen to grime.

Like really certain.

They might be right too; reportedly while at the Mercury Prize ceremony in 2016, Hancock was unable to name any songs by Skepta, despite professing to be a fan.

Instead he had to ask his aide.

Who reminded him of the track ‘Shutdown’... which Skepta had just performed on stage, minutes earlier.

Strange for a real fan.

Hancock needs to pull up the RWD forum receipts or it's over for him.

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