Meghan McCain’s theory about ‘late term’ abortions gets fact-checked by actual doctor

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Meghan McCain, who tweeted her concern about "extreme late term abortions", was throroughly fact-checked by a professional doctor on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the co-host of The View, who is also the late John McCain’s daughter, tweeted:

We are one of only seven nations in the world, along with North Korea and China, to allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks. Our existing law is extreme.

It is a battleground culture war issue, as we see in New York, where the Democratic standard is abortion on demand, taxpayer funded, and if you don’t like it, leave. True leaders don’t play pretend about our divisions. They lead.

But it seems like McCain didn’t do her research properly, because soon after posting her tweet, she received a response from a certified doctor and OB/GYN and abortion provider, Dr. Daniel Grossman, who let her know that the abortion laws in America aren’t as extreme as she made them sound.

In a six-part thread, the doctor broke down her tweet bit by bit, even providing graphs and evidence to support his well-formed argument.

The columnist and author has previously expressed that she is pro-life and in favour of birth control and sex education.

She has criticised conservatives for their narrowness of vision on the issue, once telling the Washington Post: "They go on and on about how evil and wrong abortion is, but don't like to talk about how easy it is to not get pregnant."

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