Melania Trump ridiculed as her White House Rose Garden redesign is compared to a 'cemetery'


A few months ago it was announced that Melania Trump was going to be renovating the White House Rose Garden in the middle of a pandemic.

On Saturday, she unveiled her efforts and lets just say that Alan Titchmarsh isn't going to be losing any sleep.

The First Lady doesn't appear to have 'green fingers' but more like 'concrete fingers' as many of the beautiful flowers, some of which were planted by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s and iconic cherry trees that use to adorn the garden have been uprooted and replaced with paving slabs and shrubbery.

The garden outside of the Oval Office since 1913 and has largely gone untouched since the aforementioned Kennedy administration. However, Melania's efforts although seeming good in nature didn't exactly spark joy on social media, with some comparing her redesign to a cemetery.

Others compared her to the former queen of France Marie Antoinette, who spent lavishly while her people struggled to survive, especially as the US is in the midst of a financial crisis, brought on by the coronavirus.

Elsewhere, Donald Trump showed his affection for his wife by sharing a tweet where she was called 'Melanie.'

The revelation of the new garden was done to coincide with the announcement that the first lady will be giving her Republican National Convention speech from that very location on Tuesday evening.

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