Melania Trump’s facial expression is priceless as she turns away from Donald Trump

Melania Trump’s facial expression is priceless as she turns away from Donald Trump

Let’s be honest, if we had to spend our life listening and standing next to controversial ex-president Donald Trump, we would also have a similar facial expression to the one that appeared to be sported by Melania during the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series on Saturday.

Ignoring the fact that Trump had previously called on his supporters to boycott MLB, a clip circulating on Twitter shows Melania smiling alongside the Republican politician, only for the smile to immediately drop as she turns away.

While it is not entirely clear, Twitter users have suggested that the former first lady appeared to “roll her eyes” at Trump and honestly, Melania? Same.

It isn’t the first time that an apparent switch from Melania from a smile to a frown has been captured by the cameras. When Trump was inaugurated back in 2017, a video clip was shared online of her smiling at her husband when he turned to her, only to return to a neutral expression as soon as he turned back around.

Rumours of Ms Trump’s supposed discontent with Mr Trump even sparked a #FreeMelania movement on social media that same year, though of course her facial expressions could well be innocuous.

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This latest instance, however, has prompted mixed reactions from those online. Some memed the incident:

Others, meanwhile, expressed no sympathy towards Melania at all:

We can understand her position, though, as it must be hard to hold a smile around such an unlikeable character for more than a millisecond.

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