The holidays are just around the corner, which for most young people is the time of year when the most concentrated amount of time is spent in the company of older people.

One thing the older generation love to make fun of or grumble about (besides young peoples’ lack of work ethic of obsession with avocados) is how addicted young people are to their phones.

But thankfully, as the internet has a habit of doing, a viral meme has come to save the say. The "not a cellphone in sight" meme pokes fun at boring stereotypes of young people by pairing the phrase with iconic historical and cultural moments.

In this ancient dinosaur scene, for example, the dinosaurs aren't taking selfies. They're killing each other instead.

Or in this iconic scene from The Lion King, where they’re all living their best lives in the savannah.

The meme quickly exploded across Twitter. Here are the highlights:

H/T: Mashable

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