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It was a mixed night of fortunes in the US midterm elections as the Democrats made significant gains and Republicans tightened their grip on the Senate.

Although the likes of Beto O'Rourke didn't win, others like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jared Polis made history by winning their respective races.

Besides all the serious stuff, there was still a lot of fun to be had on election evening. Over on CNN people were loving 'lurking' John King and they also managed to contribute another hilarious meme.

A graphic that the network showed of the Democrat and Republican agendas was soon turned it into a Photoshop battle and Twitter did their worst - or best, depending on your political alignment.

Although we will have to wait and see what the respective Democrat and Republican agendas will be we (thankfully) doubt they will resemble anything from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Mad Max or The West Wing.

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