Beto O'Rourke might well be the first politician in history to lose an election and simultaneously become even more popular.

The Texas hopeful only narrowly lost out to the incumbent Ted Cruz in the race for the Senate, but his campaign inspired a lot of people in the US who are now hoping for bigger and better things.

In his concession speech, the 46-year-old gave a sincere and heartfelt thank you to his supporters who have donated millions to his campaign.

Except this wasn't a by-the-numbers concession speech, as O'Rourke managed to prove that he truly meant everything that he said by swearing (in a positive way) on national television.

He said:

I want to thank this amazing campaign of people, not a dime from a single PAC, all people all the time in every single part of Texas.

All of you showing the country how you do this. I’m so f**king proud of you guys.

While most politicians would probably be admonished for swearing like this, especially on such an important occasion, and while we can't condone swearing, in this moment O'Rourke managed to solidify himself as an even bigger hero to his supporters.

Perhaps this can be his campaign slogan in 2020.

HT Daily Dot

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