Every election, there's one person that manages to steal the show, at least in terms of the television coverage.

Over here in the UK, we've got exit poll expert Professor John Curtice, who seems to become a meme during every general election.

Meanwhile, in the US, CNN's John King became an overnight internet hit for his involvement in the midterms.

Although his breakdowns of the various Senate and gubernatorial races was thorough and comprehensive, it was something else that caught the internet's attention.

Throughout his time on air, King was literally lurking behind anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jake King as if he was some sort of spirit or stranger that shouldn't have been in the studio at all.

This was potentially down to a bad bit of camera work or poor placement by himself, but it was rather amusing to see him either checking his phone or his interactive map, while his colleagues did some serious talking.

Who knows exactly what he was up to but either way, the internet was loving it.

No matter what CNN did, they simply couldn't get rid of him.

Others were wondering just who he was on the phone to all night.

This isn't the first time he has done this, either.

His use of the map was also winning a lot of fans.

He even managed to casually troll Ted Cruz.

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