The QAnon conspiracy theory has gained more and more attention in recent weeks as it would appear that quite a few potential members of congress believe in it.

The theory stems from a belief that there is a deep state agenda to undermine Donald Trump's presidency and that Democrats and other notable figures are engaged in all sorts of nefarious activities.

Now several Republicans who are running in November's election have said that they believe in the theory something which Trump said that he didn't know much about but was happy that they were supporting him.

Attempting to get more on an insight into what other members of the Trump administration believe, CNN's John Berman asked vice president Mike Pence what he thought of the conspiracy.

During an interview which aired on Friday, Berman asked Pence if he believed if QAnon supporters 'loved America' after Trump seemed to embrace it earlier this week.

Pence denied that Trump had ever said that and even suggested that he didn't know anything about the theory which has been all over the news for several weeks now, which left Berman a bit puzzled.

How can you not know about it, given how much it’s been in the news? How can you not know about it at this point?

Berman continued to press Pence on denouncing QAnon followers to which he did but still claimed to not know anything about it.

I just did, John! I called it a conspiracy theory. I said I don’t have any time for it, and I don’t know anything about it. And frankly, honestly, John, I get it. I get that the media, particularly CNN, chases after shiny objects.

The Daily Beast reports that Pence did later dismiss it during another interview on CBS This Morning.

This came after Trump's press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany dismissed that the president believe in the theory claiming that she has never heard him mention it. Politico reports that she told Fox News on Thursday:

The media talks a lot about this so-called QAnon. I've never heard the president mention it. I talk to him oftentimes 10 times a day.

Not once have I heard him mention this group. The media can focus on QAnon, but this president is focused on the American people.

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