⁠Millennial sells mother’s car to pay off nightclub debts

⁠Millennial sells mother’s car to pay off nightclub debts

A man faces prison for selling his mother's cars in order to pay off his nightclub debts.

Singaporean Liu Kuei Liang, 33, forged his mother's signature, as per court documents obtained by Business Insider. Through doing so, he managed to sell her Rolls-Royce Dawn 6.6 V12 and her Mini Cooper SE.

Liu Kuei Liang reportedly pleaded guilty to forgery and was handed a 12-week prison sentence on 22 March.

As reported in the court documents, he racked up debts at "diao hua" clubs, where visitors tip female dancers with sashes and flowers.

The "desperate" man convinced Autoart Singapore dealership that his mother authorised the sale which totalled S$830,000.

"Low and the accused agreed that the Rolls Royce car would be sold for S$700,000 and the Mini Cooper car would be sold for S$130,000. The Sales and Purchase agreements for both cars were prepared by Autoart and sent to the accused via Whatsapp. According to the Sales and Purchase agreements, the two cars were to be sold to Autoart for a total of S$830,000," District Judge Brenda Chua wrote.

A friend of Liu Kuei Liang's posed as his mother when the dealership wanted to speak with her about the sale.

His mother later alerted the police on 16 August, signing a declaration saying she repaid the deposit to the dealership and got her cars back. Reports also claim she tried to withdraw her police report which she only reported "in a fit of pique."

In his defence, his attorney said his mother offered him use of the cars "as and when required."

However, Chau wrote in her summary: "There was not one, but two victims in this case – namely, the Car Dealer and the Mother,

"The Mother paid the Car Dealer $150,000 on the accused's behalf. Further, as the accused's mother, she was in the position of being taken advantage of by her son, by virtue of familial ties."

"The accused abused his Mother's trust," she added.

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