US senator Mitch McConnell told to "leave the entire country alone" by protester in restaurant

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This year has seen several US politicians confronted in public due to their association with the Trump administration.

Both Sarah Sanders and Scott Pruitt have been accosted by members of the public and now we can add Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to that list.

The couple was dining at a branch of Havana Rumba in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday when they encountered a protestor who began yelling at them.

In a video courtesy of TMZ, an unidentified man is seen shouting at the pair, asking them to leave the venue and "leave the entire country alone."

He then tells the other customers that "they're going to come from your social security." Someone else is heard shouting "Ditch Mitch" and another says that McConnell's food was thrown on to the street.

Courier Journalalso reports that a woman had earlier heckled both of them, labelling them a "traitor" which prompted cheers from the other patrons.

However, not everyone felt the same. Casey Leek who saw the incident told Courier Journal:

I do not support making anyone feel unsafe no matter how much I disagree with them.

Leek's husband, Todd Bird told BuzzFeed:

The mood shifted. At first, people were polite and not saying anything, but you could feel the whole restaurant be like, 'Ugh, it's Mitch McConnell.'

In a statement given to theCourier Journal, Robert Steurer who is a spokesperson for McConnell said that the senator and Chao did enjoy their meal and thanked "those who spoke up against incivility" before adding:

They hope other patrons weren't too inconvenienced by left-wing tantrum.

The Havana Rumba restaurant in Louisville also put out an apology on Facebook:

This isn't the first time that McConnell has been confronted by the American public. In July a protestor pursued him outside a restaurant in opposition to his support of Trump's immigration policies.

McConnell was also a vocal figure during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, offering his support for the Supreme Court justice who has been accused of sexual assault by several women.

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