On Friday night, transgender MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin triumphed on her debut against Celine Provost after McLaughlin rear-naked choked her opponent 3 minutes 32 seconds into the second round.

While floods of support poured in across Twitter for the 32-year-old’s victory in the Combate Global prelims in Miami, one former MMA fighter’s bitterness took an offensive turn.

Jake Shields took to Twitter with a string of controversial tweets in an attempt to misgender and demean well-deserved winner McLaughlin.

‘This is the “woman” MMA fighter that they just allowed to beat up a girl in Florida’ Shields tweeted.

‘So brave of “her” to transition, then live “her” dream of beating up women’.

Fallon Fox, the first transgender woman to fight in MMA, was cage-side cheering on McLaughlin.

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Following the fight, Fox congratulated McLaughlin’s triumph in a tweet which read: ‘Aaaaaaaaand here with the winner of tonight’s fight, by rear-naked choke, @AlanaFeral!!! #TeamTrans #TransAthletes’.

Again, Shield’s weighed in by saying, ‘Heres two trans “women” celebrating because they’ve both beaten up real girls.’

He continued to call the dynamic ‘sick’ and ‘perverse’ and said it ‘will only get worse if we sit back as a society and pretend it’s okay’.

Unfortunately for Shields, his monotonous tweets embarrassingly backfired as McLaughlin clapped back.

‘Lol Jake has a crush’, she tweeted. ‘Sorry sweetie, you started off on the wrong foot.’

Twitter users were quick to back McLaughlin and correct his controversial outbursts.

One called out his ridiculous tweets as a veil to hide that he is ‘irrationally disgusted by trans women.’

Another response corrected the former MMA fighter, ‘We aren't going to sit back and pretend it's ok; we are going to sit back knowing it's ok’.

While another highlighted his obsession with McLaughlin, ‘How much of your day do you spend thinking about this person?’

Better luck next time, Jake.

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