Dramatic police chase that resembles Grand Theft Auto goes viral, despite happening seven years ago

A car chase in Denver, Colorado that took place back in 2014 has gone viral after it resurfaced on social media as people genuinely can’t believe that it actually happened and isn’t footage from a Grand Theft Auto videogame.

A two-minute clip that resurfaced on Twitter earlier this month, that has now been viewed more than ten million times, shows a man on the run from the police and committing several felonies, including carjacking, attempted carjacking, driving in the wrong direction on a freeway and deliberately causing crashes, before eventually getting caught.

Many who have shared the clip express their astonishment at what they were seeing as well as the obvious GTA comparisons.

The original crime spree, which was broadcast on live television, happened in March 2014 as was reported on by veteran traffic correspondent Jayson Luber, of Denver 7 News an affiliate of ABC News.

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Recounting the incident all over again, Luber said: “Watching what was unfolding in front of me was both scary and exhilarating all at the same time.”

While we might marvel at the footage now it is easy to forget that we are witnessing a person commit numerous crimes and there were inevitable consequences for the man in the footage.

In October 2015, 30-year-old Ryan Stone was sentenced to 160 years in prison including attempted manslaughter and first-degree assault of a police officer. The incident began when Stone, who was originally wanted on drugs charges, stole a sport-utility vehicle from outside of a convenience store. Overall the pursuit lasted 45 minutes covered 75 miles and spanned five counties.

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