A Tory MP has raised a motion in parliament calling on the introduction of a special 25p Christmas stamp to encourage people to keep sending cards.

One of the "great traditions of the festive season" is under threat as rising postage prices cause people to consider using e-cards and social media, a cross-party group of MPs says.

They want a cheaper rate to be offered from December 1 to December 14 which also guarantees delivery before Christmas Day.

Conservative former deputy speaker Nigel Evans (pictured below) said Royal Mail needs to "hear the jingle bells" and adopt his idea, which could be a "lifeline to save a tradition".

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But Royal Mail has insisted stamps "represent good value for money", adding recent research suggests people will continue sending Christmas cards in high numbers.

Mr Evans raised his Christmas stamp proposal in a parliamentary motion, which is supported by three other Tory MPs, two from Labour and one from the SNP.

The Ribble Valley MP said he recognised younger generations will naturally lean towards e-cards and text messages rather than opting for the traditional way of sending festive greetings.

But told the Press Association:

This might just be a lifeline to save a tradition. Royal Mail cannot bury their heads in the sand.

It's not that I want Royal Mail to hear the alarm bells but I want them to hear the jingle bells, and bloody wake up and smell the coffee.

What a time to be alive.

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