Scottish politician faces backlash after sharing joke about tanks on the streets of Glasgow

In further proof that politicians should just not tell jokes, an MSP has come under fire for a ‘joke’ in which he called for tanks to be rolled out to deal with climate protesters.

Mid Scotland and Fife politician Murdo Fraser’s comments, made on Twitter on Saturday, come ahead of the COP26 climate change conference, which takes place in Glasgow in November.

Responding to a tweet from RAF Luton about “the world’s first environmentally friendly battery-powered driverless tank”, Fraser wrote: “Great to see this, hopefully we will see it deployed on Glasgow streets to deal with protesters during COP26. Really good it’s eco-friendly.”

However, the bio of the RAF Luton profile reveals that it is the “assumed official Twitter account of the world’s most mysterious and secret (and fictitious) military base”. In other words, it’s a “parody/satire account”.

While a follow-up tweet from Fraser suggests he knew of this (The National have indeed written up a piece on the post), unfortunately for him, many Twitter users didn’t see the funny side:

Meanwhile, others pointed out that he may have fallen for the trick from RAF Luton:

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