Twitter/ Mark Collett

A man was dragged on social media after he complained about Muslims buying a church in Birmingham and converting it into a mosque.

Mark Collett, who describes himself as a British political activist in his Twitter bio, reposted a video of a man standing in a pulpit in a church chanting Muslim prayers, along with the caption:

Muslims bought this beautiful Church in Birmingham & have converted it into a mosque. This is how the UK is being transformed.

But Collett, who is also the author of a book called The Fall of Western Man, most likely wasn't expecting the response his tweet, posted on the 27 February, got.

Not only did it quickly go viral, receiving almost 3,000 views, but most comments were supportive of the mosque's decision, claiming that the deserted church would have otherwise not been put to use.

Some even argued that turning it into a mosque is a lot better than turning it into a pub.

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