On Tuesday a man reportedly caused disruption to a vigil for the victims to the New Zealand mosque shooting by wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat to the event.

The vigil was being held at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where the unidentified man showed up wearing the controversial red cap, made famous by Donald Trump.

Footage of his presence at the vigil was captured by those in attendance with one onlooker claiming that he had already voiced his disapproval of the event claiming it was "meaningless."

When onlookers confronted the man and explained that he wasn't welcome there, Narcity reports that he was told:

These people don't owe you an explanation...

There was a f**king massacre and you're wearing a symbol of racism. 

Get the f**k out.

As the crowd started to chant, the man reluctantly left the venue.

The attacker who carried out the massacre in Christchurch had cited Trump has an inspiration for him and a 'symbol of white identity.'

Footage of the man and his confrontation with others paying their respects has since been widely shared online and greeted with overwhelming condemnation.

Others tried to claim that he should have been allowed to stay and that just because he supports Trump does not mean he supports terrorist attacks.

HT Narcity

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