Nicola Sturgeon hilariously trolls Boris Johnson for giving her the perfect 'birthday present'

There’s a few undeniable truths in British politics: Brexit will never go away, Ed Miliband will always regret eating that bacon sandwich and Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson will always be at odds with one another.

It’s no secret that Johnson and Sturgeon occupy somewhat different political spaces. From Brexit to Scottish independence and even economic visions, they don’t agree on much.

Which is probably why Sturgeon reacted gleefully when she learned that Johnson is reportedly planning a trip to Scotland to show unity at a time when the future of the union seems uncertain.

Sturgeon made a playful joke about Johnson’s trip on Twitter, even saying that it was nice of the PM to send her a "birthday pressie" (present) as she celebrated turning 50 on 19 July.

Johnson’s planned trip north of the border comes at a time when support for Scottish independence is at the highest level in years. But Sturgeon’s jovial reaction is probably based on the not-so-glowing reception of boos he received on a previous trip to Edinburgh, plus polling which indicates Johnson is unpopular with Scottish voters.

Sturgeon was keen to point out, for the avoidance of any doubt, that her tweet was a joke. But given how badly Johnson was received last time, who could blame her for feeling a tiny bit happy about the news?

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