Nicola Sturgeon posts scathing message after Nicky Morgan retains her place in the cabinet despite no longer being an MP

Nicola Sturgeon has reacted with fury at Boris Johnson's slight reshuffle on his cabinet, which included Nicky Morgan returning to the government despite announcing, before the election, that she would be stepping down as an MP.

The news came on Monday that Johnson had reappointed Morgan, the former MP for Loughborough, as the culture secretary, after taking a peerage meaning that she will represent the cabinet in the House of Lords, rather than the House of Commons.

Morgan confirmed the news on her Twitter account but hinted that she might only be in the job for a few weeks, and joked that the leaving the cabinet is harder than leaving the European Union.

The reaction to this news, lest we forget that Morgan chose to step down from the government, hasn't been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Possibly the strongest and most scathing response came from Scotland's first minister, who lashed out at the Tories in particular. In a tweet posted on Monday evening, Sturgeon said:

No need to do anything as mundane as stand for and win an election to be in this Tory government - they have a nerve to call it democracy.

Sturgeon hasn't been pulling any punches since the election result, which saw the SNP achieving a huge majority in Scotland.

First, she was seen celebrating on camera after the Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, lost her seat, then she announced plans to hold a second Scottish independence referendum.

We can't be entirely sure what the future holds for Scotland but if it means more sass from Sturgeon, then we are here for it.

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