Brexit. Yep, sorry to bring the subject up, but it's something that is happening, and the March 2019 deadline is drawing ever closer.

As you may have noticed, absolutely nothing has been resolved yet, there is no deal, politicians continue to bicker with each other and the government is stockpiling food.

It all seems like a right old mess and by this time next year, we could all be eating cold beans from a can having sold our hair just to afford such a delicacy.

Surely there must be a way to hold those who got us in this mess responsible? Or at least get them to listen to some actual experts on the EU and correct the matter?

Well, there might be an opportunity to do so, if you're willing to back a unique GoFundMe campaign which would put Nigel Farage in a very awkward situation.

Farage's current employers, LBC radio, are running a charity auction to win a lunch with the former UKIP leader, with all proceeds going to the children's charity Make Some Noise.

We get that this is all for a good cause, but beyond his supporters, we're struggling to think of people that would actually want to go on this lunch date.

Luckily, there are three men who positively can't wait to meet Mr Farage and discuss Brexit. They are three experts on the European Union and you can help them achieve their dream of meeting Nige.

The trio, collectively known as #3blokesinapub, are hoping to raise £20,000 to win the auction and then "cordially challenge him factually about Brexit in an intimate setting".

The well-travelled gents are Graham Hughes, Jason Hunter and Ciaran, who take part in regular YouTube roundtables to discuss the many ups and downs of Brexit.

On the campaign page, which has been set up by a man named Simon Harris, it states:

We want to raise £20,000 to make sure that our bid wins a charity auction for lunch with Nigel Farage, and then send three passionate EU experts to dine with Nigel in London and cordially challenge him factually about Brexit in an intimate setting.

It adds:

While I am sure Nigel would prefer slightly more sycophantic lunch guests, this could be a Midday Meal that legends are made of!

They add that if their campaign is unsuccessful they will donate the money to the fake Katie Hopkins campaign, which is actually raising money for The Trussell Trust.

The campaign was only launched on Tuesday and, with it ending on Thursday next week, you best get donating those monies if you want to see Farage have egg on his face.

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