Nigel Farage, or “Mr Brexit” as he calls himself, has been put in his place by a caller on his radio show.

So far the arguments surrounding Brexit have centred around issues such as the Irish border, customs arrangements and NHS staff shortages, but vet Daniealla Dos Santos called into Farage’s LBC Radio show to say Brexit could be disastrous for her industry.

Dos Santos said her fears, which are factually based, shouldn’t be dismissed as “scaremongering”.

She said uncertainties over rights for EU workers was contributing to a 300 per cent drop in numbers of vets. Earlier this year, a report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee warned that non-British vets are of fundamental importance to the UK’s veterinary workforce.

Dos Santos said:

If vets aren’t allowed to come in then we are going to end up with a shortage. This isn’t me scaremongering, it’s fact.

This forced Farage to admit he had “no idea” the UK wasn’t producing enough vets.

Dos Santos replied:

But that’s the point, that’s what I mean. If that had been shouted from the rooftops then you may have accused us of scaremongering but I’m respectfully telling you there is a problem.

Farage, who can be seen in a video circulating on social media looking genuinely speechless, struggled to form a response.

He then tried to distract the caller by going down another route, only to be directed back to the matter in hand. The former UKIP leader, normally the biggest defender of Brexit, was forced to admit that it could “be bad for farmers” and could lead to a “lowering of standards of what we buy in the shops”.

If even Farage is now admitting this, things certainly don’t look good.

H/T: Huffington Post

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