Brexit is looking up, finally promising the golden ticket, the cherry on top of the 'take back control' cake: we will have enough food to survive the self-imposed hell of a possible no-deal future.

Time to stop moaning, Remoaners. Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has promised to enure "there is adequate food supply" if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal - and that's a promise, not a side-of-a-bus dream. We think.

Raab told MPs that industry, rather than Whitehall, would oversee the stockpiling of food in case negotiations fail, after refusing to confirm just that two days ago, the Independentreports.

On the "technical notices" in coming months to lay out preparations to keep supermarkets well-stocked, Raab said:

It would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling. And, of course, the idea that we only get food imports into this country from one continent is not appropriate.

But we will look at the issue in the round and make sure there is adequate food supply.

Everything's going to plan, OK?

This is what we voted for.

To be fair, 'adequate' could be seen as a vast improvement on British cuisine.

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