Nigel Farage accuses Brexit voter of being 'hysterical' during bizarre radio call

If Brexit hasn't completely ruined your relationship with your parents and disintegrated any embers of mutual interest between you and your grandparents, we can all sleep soundly that whether you voted to remain or leave that at least half of the country is still on your side, right?

Well, as October 31 looms ever closer it would appear that infighting is rife amongst both camps. You only need to spend a few moments on Twitter to see pro-EU campaigners squabbling with each other, meanwhile, Brexiteers are having it out on the nation's airwaves.

In a quite frankly bizarre phone call during his LBC Radio show on Monday evening, Nigel Farage had a blazing row with a fellow Brexiteer who claimed that he would now prefer to be run by the EU rather than the "idiots running Westminster."

Kerry from the Shetland Islands told the Brexit Party leader:

I believed in you when I voted to leave the EU, but with all the facts, all the figures, and all the evidence right now, you're going to take us, not down the swanny but down the Clyde.

Farage then asked Kerry if he is happy being run by the EU and European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker:

I'd much prefer to be run by that lot [the EU] down there than the idiots that are running Westminster right now.

Farage replied by accusing Kerry of 'waving the white flag of surrender':

There you are. There's the flag of surrender, Kerry. If you are happy to be run unelected bureaucrats, Kerry...

Why would you want to be run by an undemocratic European Commission that makes big decisions over your life?

Kerry then correctly points out that the current prime minister, Boris Johnson, wasn't exactly elected in the most democratic way before moving the conversation onto fishing.

You ask out velvet crab fisherman up here how they are going to get their crabs all the way down to Dover and across the Channel?

A perplexed Farage asks Kerry if he is joking and tries to draw comparisons to the current fishing deal that Norway has with the EU.

At this point, both men are becoming increasingly flustered and Farage at one point shouts the word 'why?' over and over again before talking about WTO rules (again) and the deals with China.

I don't know if you've ever been to Southampton or Felixstowe and you've seen these giant container vessels coming in from China and elsewhere.

We trade with them on WTO terms and do you know something before you can say 'Jack Robinson' the containers are taken off those ships and driven all over Britain. 

Why would if be different with Europe just because we aren't part of a political union?

Kerry responds by telling Farage that he has only brought up one case in his attempt to justify going with WTO rules before the conversation descends into a farce, with mentions of 'mines in the English channel' before Farage calls someone who once supported the same cause as him, 'hysterical.'

You can watch the full exchange in the video below:


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