Nigel Farage said he has 'done more than anyone get rid of the far-right' and everyone pointed out the irony

Nigel Farage is a man who can claim many things such as instigating Brexit , failing to ever get elected to parliament and being a so-called 'man of the people.'

However, we're not sure about his latest boast where he claims to have 'single-handedly prevented the rise of the far-right in the UK'.

Speaking on his LBC Radio show on Wednesday ( where he also told any in the civil service or military to leave their roles in they are against leaving the EU ), the Brexit Party leader was speaking to a caller when the subject of the British National Party and the far-right came up.

According to Farage, the BNP was wiped out thanks to his time spent as the leader of UKIP, where he managed to convince their voters to come and join his alternative right-wing party.

It was me that almost single-handedly killed the rise of the British National Party in the UK.

They were between 2006 and 2009 looking like becoming a very serious political party and I spoke directly to their voters and I said 'look, if you support an outright racist agenda you keep voting for the BNP. But, if you're doing it and holding your nose doing it, don't vote for them, vote for me. We've got a non-racist, non-sectarian agenda'

I think nobody in British politics has done more than me in modern times to get rid of the far-right more than I have.

You don't need us to highlight the glaring problem here but Farage has been accused of racism and promoting a far-right agenda.

He has also claimed that he chose to leave UKIP after the party became too 'far-right' , which in light of his recent comments just feel like a parody.

As you can imagine, this bold claim from Farage hasn't exactly been received how he would have intended.

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