BBC reporter Arwyn Jones repeatedly asked Nigel Farage to specify what Brexit will offer Wales – and he repeatedly botched his answer.

The Brexit Party leader was in Merthyr Tydfil at a campaign rally ahead of the European elections, when Jones approached him and asked him numerous times what leaving the European Union would mean for Wales – and eight times Farage failed to answer the question.

Jones began by explaining that “towns like Merthyr received millions of pounds of regeneration money – this whole town centre – has been funded by an EU grant, what will brexit offer them?"

First, Farage denied it was EU money. “Well, let’s be honest about it: it’s not EU money. That’s one of the great myths."

“Wales is a net beneficiary to the net £200-£250million a year. What will Brexit offer?” Jones tried again.

Nigel said:

We have so far over the course of the last few decades given away hundreds of billions…

Jones repeated himself, and said Wales had been a “net beneficiary” of the funding and asked him to address his point.

The third time, Nigel said the “well the Welsh steel industry certainly hasn’t been a net beneficiary?”

“Towns like this have been regenerated using EU grant aid,” Jones said for the fourth time. “What will Brexit offer?"

Nigel once more deflected.

Well if you’re right about that, why aren’t people better off?

“What will Brexit offer? Answer the question.” Jones, exasperated, asked again.

“Well, it’ll offer opportunities,” Farage finally said, and went on to say that “we’ll be in charge of the steel industry” and a chance at the “fishing industry” to which Jones pointed out, that that’s in South Wales.

“The key thing to remember,” Nigel continued, “only 12 per cent of the entire UK economy is exporting goods to the European market, and yet as members of the single market, the other 88 percent is regulated.

Jones addressed that point, and said that their agriculture is “highly reliant on EU exports” and again asked the Brexit Leader: “What will Brexit offer?”

"Eighty-eight percent of the UK economy is not exporting to the EU,” Farage ploughed on, “and yet we’re all stuck with single market rules so I think in terms of small businesses, entrepreneurs, people selling up as sole traders, I think we’ve got a much better opportunity outside of the European Union.”

People quickly pointed out that Farage had "no answers"

And praised Jones' interview skills

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