Nigel Farage tries to claim that anyone who doesn't support his Brexit plan is 'wrong'

Nigel Farage tries to claim that anyone who doesn't support his Brexit plan is 'wrong'

Nigel Farage, the man who is basically the architect of Brexit, is so precious of his creation that he is now claiming that some Brexiteers are "wrong."

Speaking to ITV News on Monday, the Brexit Party leader lashed out at Conservatives who are supporting Boris Johnson's withdrawal deal, who he feels aren't Brexiteers at all.

Farage, who has decided to not allow any Brexit Party candidates to stand in seats already held by Tories, has been a critic of Johnson's deal but now seems to be aiming his scorn at the Conservatives, as a whole.

The 55-year-old told the broadcaster:

I find it amazing that most people who think the deal is great haven't read it. There is a phenomenon out there called 'Brexhaustion' - I get it.

People are tired after three and a half years but if we get the wrong Brexit... we'll regret it for years to come.

Farage was then asked if anyone who didn't support his vision of Brexit was wrong to which he agreed, adding.

They would [call themselves Brexiteers] but they wouldn't be right. Look, half of the cabinet voted remain for goodness sake.

The Conservative party is not really a Brexit party at all. It has been dragged here, kicking and screaming, by events.

I'm pleased they've got to this point but the only way we would genuinely be free of these institutions is the threat of the Brexit Party - and that's why we need to win some of these seats and get into Westminister.

So, Farage is now essentially claiming that only his opinion on Brexit is valid. Maybe we could just say that no opinion on Brexit other than a second referendum is valid?

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