Nigel Farage says he 'agrees' with Keir Starmer after criticism of Black Lives Matter

Nigel Farage says he 'agrees' with Keir Starmer after criticism of Black Lives Matter

Nigel Farage just said he "heartily agrees" with Keir Starmer's statement on the Black Lives Matter protests and people aren't sure what to think.

The Brexit Party leader shared an interview clip of Starmer discussing the protests, commenting I "heartily agree with Keir Starmer's condemnation of the Black Lives Matter organisation".

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Starmer had said:

There's a broader issue here, the Black Lives Matter movement, or moment if you like, internationally is about reflecting on what happened dreadfully in America just a few weeks ago and acknowledging that as a moment across the world.

It's a shame it's getting tangled up with these organisational issues. I wouldn't have any truck with what the organisation is saying about defunding the police or anything else, that's just nonsense. 

Starmer also called attention to his five years as director of public prosecutions during the interview, saying his support for the police has always been "very, very strong".

Farage responded by referring to Starmer as 'Conservative' and questioned why the prime minister has not issued a similar statement.

People pointed out that Starmer did not actually "condemn" Black Lives Matter.

But he did spark anger by referring to Black Lives Matter as a "moment" and dismissing defunding the police as "nonsense" in the wake of the death of a Black man because of police brutality.

Diane Abbott also responded to Starmer's comments, saying Black Lives Matter "is not just a moment".

Keir Starmer might not have "condemned" Black Lives Matter in quite the way Nigel Farage suggested he did, but the fact that the former Ukip leader was willing to publicly support his statement has to be worrying for the Labour party.

Black Lives Matter yesterday, day and tomorrow: a global movement is absolutely not just a "moment".

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