'We would much rather see refugees here than Nigel Farage': Liverpool mayor slams Brexit Party leader after latest anti-immigration video

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson gave Nigel Farage a slice of his own pie/spoonful of his own medicine/some other analogy that suggests what he does to others is now being done to him.

The Brexit Party leader tweeted out another bizarre video on Thursday, this time moaning about "illegal immigrants" in Anfield, the Liverpool football stadium, which is at least some variety from his previous obsession with filming boats in Dover.

His tweet received the standard brutal takedowns, along with eye-rolls and a general sense of here-we-go-again.

But one man had the perfect response.

According to the Liverpool Echo, "Mayor Joe", as he's known colloquially, had this to say:

If he wants to talk football I'll say he's a substitute – for a human being. He's been relegated, he's just totally irrelevant now isn't he. We have actually just told the government that we want to do more as a city for refugees and welcome more people in. 

Here in Liverpool we will take absolutely no lessons from that man. Liverpool is a humanitarian city and it will always be a humanitarian city and we would much rather see refugees here than Nigel Farage.

He will never be welcome in this city and he can stay away.


While it's easy to poke fun at Farage's absurd antics which even his own followers can't possibly take seriously at this point, it's also important to remember that his words and attitudes are dangerous, especially to the most vulnerable.

It's a genuine delight to see a politician stand up to Farage with such a strong statement.

People on social media – including many from Liverpool – were delighted by this turn of events.

Class act indeeed.

Mayor Joe for PM!

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