<p>People are saying Nigel Farage is ‘taking the knee’</p>

People are saying Nigel Farage is ‘taking the knee’

Twitter/ @Nigel_Farage

Nigel Farage posted a photo kneeling with his dog in a field and everyone is making the same joke.

Because he is kneeling, people on Twitter have quipped that he is ‘taking the knee’ – a gesture to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement – something Farage has said he certainly doesn’t agree with.

Farage will be upset to know people think he is taking the knee. He has droned on about it unstoppably on Twitter and on broadcast and has claimed doing so is ‘Marxist’. Of the football debacle, he has claimed Gareth Southgate is “out of touch” with football fans and has said that fans should boo players who take the knee before games.

Meanwhile, this issue looks set to rumble on and suck the joy out of the Euros – the one Nice Thing the country has had in ages because of the coronavirus crisis – as various right wing irritants like Laurence Fox weigh in with their lukewarm takes on taking the knee and people instigate pile ons onto Gary Lineker for daring to think that the gesture is appropriate.

So, we must continue to take solace in Farage making an idiot out of himself. Thanks, Nige.

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