Gary Lineker praised for ‘triggering gammons’ after he criticised those against taking the knee for BLM

Gary Lineker has been praised after he unleashed a wave of right-wing tears for criticising those against taking the knee.

Posting on Twitter, the broadcaster and former footballer said people who “boo” England football players for taking the knee before matches to express support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement were “part of the reason” people take the knee, and the usual suspects threw their toys out of the pram.

Reacting to his comments, failed London mayoral candidate Laurence Fox called Lineker a “moral supremacist”.

And former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said his stance was “utter rubbish”.

It comes after England’s manager Gareth Southgate said players would continue to take the knee before games and slammed fans for booing the team last Wednesday, before their friendly win against Austria.

Speaking to the press, he said: “We accept that there might be an adverse reaction but we’re going to ignore that and move forward.

“The players are sick of talking about the consequences of should they, shouldn’t they. They’ve had enough really, and as far as I’m concerned they’re not going to take more questions on this through the tournament. If it happens, it happens.”

This led to Tory MP Lee Anderson saying he would boycott matches and lovely figures like Nigel Farage saying:

And now that Lineker has weighed in, people have expressed their glee that he has wound up all the right people:

We certainly can’t complain that he’s annoyed Laurence Fox.

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