If we had to compare Brexit to a horror movie it would be David Cronenberg's Videodrome,where a controversial TV channel slowly corrupts the mind of a man leading him to violence and touting conspiracy theories told to him by shady individuals.

Tory MP Ben Bradley went for a slightly different and more modern approach on the Brexit-horror analogy, by comparing it to the current Netflix Sandra Bullock hit Bird Box, where humanity cannot open their eyes when outside or risk succumbing to a deadly fate.

In a tweet posted by Bradley, the MP for Mansfield and a supporter of leaving the EU, he likened the film (or 'documentary') to the fearmongering that has surrounded the discussion of the UK crashing out of Europe without a deal.

The 29-year-old then brought up the same analogy during the Brexit debate in Westminster Hall on Monday and reemphasised the point that the fear of leaving the EU is kind of like the voices that people hear in Bird Box.

The important point to make is that Brexit is not Armageddon. Last night, I watched Bird Box on Netflix with my wife, in which strangers’ voices kind of sweep in on the wind and make people kill themselves. I wondered whether it might be a documentary on the impact of a no-deal Brexit, funded by Lord Adonis, Alastair Campbell or somebody along those lines.

Bird Box was not too dissimilar from some of the scare stories that we have heard. We have heard that super-gonorrhoea will come flying in from Europe and take us all; we have heard that babies will die because of milk shortages; and we have heard that cancer patients will die if we are not in Euratom, when Euratom does not even cover medicines at all.

The level of scaremongering on this subject has been absolutely unbelievable. In fact, it has got so ridiculous that most people simply do not believe it; they discount it, and it serves only to harden the attitude that we should leave regardless.

Whichever side of the Brexit debate you stand on, Bradley's analogy isn't completely ridiculous, by any stretch of the imagination, as social media has a way of burrowing messages and ideas into our brains that become almost infectious and impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately for Bradley, not everyone was buying it.

Bradley isn't the first person to compare Brexit to Bird Box, but not everyone shares his optimism about a no-deal.

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