The ‘Bird Box Challenge' is as stupid as it sounds and Netflix warns people not to do it

The ‘Bird Box Challenge' is as stupid as it sounds and Netflix warns people not to do it

Bird Box is a Netflix phenomenon that has already broken records and inspired some of the funniest memes ushered into 2019.

Millions tuned in to the film, which centres around a mum, Malorie, as she embarks on a dangerous journey with her two children, as they try to survive the Boggart-pocalyse.

She does all of this whilst wearing a blindfold, because looking at the world will drive her mad, like it did so many others, and compel her to kill herself.

For some viewers, the cinematic experience wasn't enough, and they created 'The Bird Box Challenge'. This involves people trying to perform everyday tasks while blindfolded, and posting them online.

Best case scenario, you walk into a door and get embarrassed. Worst case scenario? You could seriously hurt yourself.

Naturally, Netflix thinks this is dumb and is urging people not to try it.

Taking to Twitter, the media services provider warned:

Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you do not end up in the hospital due to memes.

People online can’t quite believe that Netflix even had to issue a statement.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Netflix revealed that Bird Box was watched by 45 million subscriber accounts in the first seven days, breaking a record as the biggest opening for any movie in its history.

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