After Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump's summit in Hanoi, Vietnam came to an abrupt and dramatic conclusion on Thursday when negotiations between the two leaders collapsed.

Not only did this take most of the world surprise it appears to have completely caught Kim's loyal security team off guard too as they almost missed their ride out of the city.

Dramatic footage shows a handful of the North Korean supreme leader's guard command dash to get into a car which was already moving and barely hang on to avoid falling onto the concrete.

The security team, which have become infamous for scenes of them running alongside the bosses vehicle convoy, have now found new fame for this moment which Twitter has found hilarious.

Queue 'the fleeing away from Trump' jokes.

There were a few nods to the Jamaican bobsleigh team made famous by the film Cool Runnings.

It soon became a relatable meme for people who were all too familiar with having to leave somewhere in a hurry.

HT Twitter Moments

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