Not sure if you're a jihadist? French govt has a handy chart

As part of a broader campaign to tackle Islamic extremism the French government has produced a chart listing a series of potentially worrying behaviour changes to help you work out if you've become radicalised.

Some of the first warning signs of radicalisation according to the "Stop Djihadisme" website are more obvious than others. These include visiting extremist websites and social media accounts, becoming wary of old friends whom they now consider "impure" and rejecting members of their family.

On the other hand, the chart includes far vaguer suggestions such as a change in eating habits (like ditching the traditional baguette?), not listening to music or watching television and giving up sports is because they are mixed-sex.

The producers of the chart seem to be aware that this is not a fail-safe way to recognize extremists, warning:

Each situation is specific, the identification of one or more of these signs does not imply systematic radicalisation.

The chart is part of a €425m (£319m) plan announced last Wednesday to combat extremism that has been rolled out in the wake of January's terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and a Kosher market in Paris.

The "Stop Djihadisme" website is part of a €60 million online presence, which includes videos countering Isis propaganda material, which has lured hundreds of French nationals to Iraq and Syria.

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